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Cupping and Facial Cupping



What is cupping?  The clinical description is " the therapeutic application of suction cups to the body." However, the most basic and easiest to understand description is to say it's a "reverse massage."  Possibly you have seen cupping on television, while a skilled therapist wields a flame under a glass cup before placing it on a client's body.  Or perhaps you have seen a celebrity or athlete with perfectly round dark marks on their body.  Cupping is a very popular healing modality in Asian cultures and has been traced to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and more recently to South America, Russia and the United States. 

Cupping Therapy has been used by healers for over 5000 years!  This is one of the many reasons I as a provider decided to provide this therapy to my clients.  As a massage therapist I have found cupping to be one of the most effective and at the same time relaxing ways to easy muscle stress and tension created from my day to day activities.

Although you won't see any flames in my office I do have a variety of 'cups' I use for different purposes.  I will place small plastic or silicone cups on the skin and suction is applied either with a hand pump or the cups own suction abilities.  The application of the cups will gently pull the skin and muscle upward producing temporary local congestion while stretching the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Once I release the cup you will feel relief as the fascia has been pulled away from the muscle and the muscle will have relaxed.  You will instantly notice that your blood, lymph fluid and energy are moving more vigorously through the treated area.  As the tension is released, you will feel lighter.

I also have cups with bio-magnetic properties.  These cups contain rare Earth magnets to help balance your body's energy. 

Cupping can leave round marks on your skin which are discolored and to many look like bruising, however, this is not a bruise.  The discolored marks are considered the expression of stuck energy, stagnant fluid and inflammation from old injury.  Many clients say these are their "Badges of Healing."  Keep in mind that the darker the mark the more work the cup did for healing you.  The marks will fade in a few days.

What is Cupping good for?

Deep tissue massage without the usual discomfort

Cellulite and the reduction in its appearance

Scars and stretch marks

Myofascial Release

Lymphatic drainage

Sports Massage and Injuries


Trigger Point Therapy

Traumatic Conditions



TMJ disorder

General relaxation and wellness, just to name a few!


Facial Cupping


Asian, Russian, Eurpoean and Egyptian women have been using this amazing negative pressure facial treatment for rejuvenation and maintenance for many generations.

I use small cups to vacuum and lift the facial tissue which mimics the pumping movement of lymphatic drainage.  This manual method is able to replicate the effects of equipment in some of the top esthetic establishments.

This is a treatment which can be done as a stand alone or in combination with your regular massage.

Some of the benefits of facial cupping;

increased circulation to the skin

increased nutrients brought to the skin

enhanced absorption of facial topicals such as serums, sunscreen and moisturizers

drainage of stagnant fluids

decrease of chronic edema/puffiness

fine lines and wrinkles plump

scar tissue will soften from the negative pressure

muscles will experience decreased tension and tightness thus lessening expression lines

rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorder will loosen

sinus pressure and inflammation will decrease

evening of skin tone and texture

This is just a small list of the things you will experience with facial cupping.  I have several ladies who no longer feel the need to wear foundation daily.  Imagine waking and only having to put on your sunscreen and moisturizer!