Massage by Kathleen

'Let your health take flight!'

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health!!



Indulge in a back/neck and shoulder massage or a soothing full body massage utilizing the long classic strokes of Swedish technique, deep trigger point release, myofascial release or reciprocial inhibition.  All massages include deep tissue work, hot stone spot application, steam towels and aromatherapy if indicated.

30 minute $35

60 minute $65

90 minute $105


Hot Stone Massage

Luxuriate in a new level of relaxation as hot basalt stones melt away the stress of the day.  As the hot stones glide across your body you will feel the muscle tension melt away all while increasing lymphatic flow and transporting you to a blissful escape.

75 minute $115


Prenatal Massage

Every Mother-to-Be should be pampered!!  This light to moderate pressure massage nurtures the expectant mother to alleviate many of the physical and emotional challenges brought on by pregnancy.  The mother lies safely and comfortably  while her fatigue, aches and water retention are massaged away.  (Must be in the second trimester due to safety concerns)

60 minute $85



Derived from ancient techniques where the reflex points of the feet,hands and scalp are massaged to release the energy flow and induce an overall sense of relaxation.  You will leave with increased energy and and a deep relaxed state of mind.

30 minute $40

60 minute $70


Set-N-Me-Free Detoxifying Inch Loss Body Wrap

An all natural and healthy detox wrap resulting in measurable inch loss.  This is an aloe vera based natural wrap which is safe enough for pregnant/nursing mothers and children.  Add-on a reflexology massage to maximize your relaxation.

$85 or 6 for $425


Cupping Facial Renewal Treatment

Induldge in a secret treatment utilized by Asian, Russian and Egyptian women.  This negative pressure facial massage has been used by cultures around the world for many,many generations.  You will immediately see increased circulation, drainage of stagnant fluids decreasing puffiness as well as plumping of fine lines and wrinkles.  You will benefit from greater absorption of your facial products as well. Muscles of the face will soften as tension is released and sinus pressure relieved.

$30 or 6 for $150


Cupping Therapy Add-On

What is cupping?  Very simply it is 'reverse massage' through the therapeutic application of suction cups to the body.  Cupping is very popular among Asian healing cultures and has been practiced in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Russian and also in the Roman culture.  As a massage therapist I find cupping to be one of the most effective massage techniques I have encountered.  You will leave feeling deep relief and relaxation.